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At the Law Firm of Mysti Murphy, we provide experienced family law representation to persons in San Antonio and the surrounding parts of Texas.

We bring more than 15 years of experience to every case we handle. We focus that experience on providing you and your family with the full protection of the law: protection from physical harm, from emotional harm and from financial harm.

Dedicated to Protecting the Rights of Women, Men and Children During Divorce

Our law firm is led by San Antonio family law attorney, Mysti Murphy. Murphy has dedicated her professional career to the defense of families, with a focus on children. As a former family violence and domestic violence prosecutor, she spent eight years taking action against individuals who hurt families. Her dedication in this role earned her the title of Prosecutor of the Year for Dallas County, in 2005.

Now, she brings that same dedication to the realm of family law. Her background has made her particularly equipped to handle complex cases, including those that require a more aggressive approach in order to get positive results, such as cases involving protective orders for domestic violence.

As attorney Murphy's background suggests, we do not tolerate domestic violence. We will not exploit the legal system to protect those who commit this crime. In fact, we are proud to stand against these individuals in all family law matters.

Recent Client Email

"Dear Mysti and Kate, I cannot thank you enough! Your compassionate wisdom, patience and more was desperately needed. The time you spent with us will not be forgotten. Your genuine concern was heartfelt."     R.C., San Antonio, TX

Prepared to Get Positive Results in Any Texas Family Law Case

Our goal is to get positive results in all aspects of family law and related practice areas, from divorce to adoption. While the preferred method is to reach a resolution through negotiation, using mediation and alternative dispute resolution when appropriate, we understand that some cases may require a more aggressive approach. Some cases may require trial.

We have achieved positive results in hundreds of cases that we have taken to trial. If justice for you and your family can only be obtained in court, you want a skilled and knowledgeable trial lawyer on your side. You will find that lawyer at our law firm.

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