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In San Antonio and the surrounding parts of Texas, people turn to the law firm of attorney Mysti Murphy to resolve legal issues that involve family. They turn to our law firm because we bring more than two decades of experience to every case we handle. They turn to our law firm because we get results, even in the most complex and challenging cases.

Family Law

Our focus is on family law. The most common family law issue that people request our assistance on is divorce. We handle this and all related matters, including:

Various paths can be taken to resolve these matters, so we encourage reaching a resolution through negotiation, using divorce mediation and alternative dispute resolution when appropriate. However, we understand that this approach is not always effective. We have the background to take a more aggressive approach, bringing cases to trial when necessary.

Of course, our services extend beyond divorce and include:

Attorney Mysti Murphy has spent a large portion of her legal career holding perpetrators of domestic violence accountable for what they have done. As her background suggests, we are not interested in representing people who commit domestic violence. We represent victims, providing them with the full protection of the law.

In addition to civilians, our law firm can represent military personnel in divorce and family law matters. From divorce mediation or trial to adoptions, we understand the unique issues that arise for servicemen and women.

Wills and Probate

We handle all estate matters, including estate planning that involves the creation of wills and trusts to protect the assets of individuals and families. We also handle estate administration, helping people navigate through the probate process.

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