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What are your rights as a divorcing parent in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Uncategorized

Going through a divorce and trying to find a reasonable way to split custody with your exe is not easy. When you try to tackle these difficult tasks with inaccurate information, they can become that much more difficult to complete.

When you know your rights as a parent in Texas, you will do a better job of advocating for yourself and your relationship with your children as you go through the process of divorcing and creating a parenting plan with your ex.

In most cases, you have a right to time with your children

The courts recognize the important role that both parents play in the development and health of children. Unless you have a history of behavioral issues that might lead the court to think your involvement would not benefit the children, you should have either shared custody or at least visitation time with your children.

You have the right to basic information about your children

You and your ex will both be privy to different details about the lives of your children during a divorce. Your ex and you should make a habit of exchanging information with one another to keep each other informed about the children. Under the Texas family laws, having access to accurate information about the children in the family is a basic parental right.

You have the right to help make decisions about your child

State laws also state that each parent has the right to play a role in making critical decisions about the children, including their education, their health care and their socialization. Knowing these rights will make it easier for you to stand up for yourself and the role you want to play in the lives of your children.