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Birdnesting as a unique custody option

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

Child custody options often just mean dividing up the time that both parents have with the children. Those children then stay in each parent’s house at specific times, on a fairly set schedule — though it may be a bit flexible to accommodate work schedules, children’s school activities and the like.

One issue with following this traditional model is that children do not always feel settled and secure when they essentially have two homes. They may not ever really feel like they are at home. They may leave important items at one house and not the other. They may just find it frustrating to spend all that time in the car as they go back and forth. For the kids, routine and structure are vital.

But what if it wasn’t the children who moved? What if it was the parents?

That’s exactly what happens with birdnesting. The central home is the one the children live in all the time. The parents are the ones who move around based on the custody schedule, often living in another home or apartment when it is not their turn to live with the kids. This is a unique plan that gives the children that structured schedule that means so much to them. They get to keep their routine, live near their friends, stay in the same school and really feel at home in the same house.

Not all parents will use this option, as it does require a lot of dedication and cooperation. However, it is worth considering as you begin looking into your custody options during the course of a divorce.