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Remember these tips when divorcing a narcissist

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Divorce

Being married to a narcissist is a rough journey. You’ll learn how to work around their emotional outbursts and dramatic antics. For some, ending the marriage seems like a welcome event. Those individuals might quickly realize that divorcing doesn’t mean that they suddenly get to stop dealing with the lies and other tactics.

A narcissistic person can’t stand not being in charge. When they’re going through a divorce, they’re going to try to manipulate every aspect of the split. The goal is usually to make their ex as miserable as possible. They’ll do whatever they can to make this happen. You’ll need to employ these strategies to help you make it through the process.

Create a barrier

One way that a narcissist gets power is from the emotional reactions stemming from their actions. They love to see people getting upset or crying over what they’re doing because they see this as a win. Instead of allowing your ex to see how they’re affecting you, try to create a barrier. Use electronic communication when possible. Keep your replies respectful and short. Alternatively, you can communicate through your attorney.

Keep proof of everything

Narcissistic individuals lie often, so it’s best for you to keep records of everything. This includes anything you pay for that’s part of the divorce, including things you buy for the children. You should also keep track of the conversations you and your ex have. This can help address any untruths your ex tries to spew.

It’s best to let your attorney know that your ex is narcissistic, so they’re able to help you deal with them. This might impact some of the strategies they employ during the proceedings.