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Should your ex tell you about their vacation plans with the kids?

On Behalf of | May 8, 2021 | Child Custody

Your ex wants to take the children on a summer vacation trip which, naturally, you will not be joining them on. However, you and your ex are not on the best of terms, so you don’t know the details of the trip. 

Does your ex have to tell you where they’re taking the kids? Do they have to provide you with a schedule or even ask your permission? Those children are yours, after all, and you want to know what they’re doing and who they’re with. 

Does the trip interfere with your custody rights?

Two of the biggest things to consider are exactly what your custody arrangement says and if the trip interferes with your rights. If the agreement says that your ex must get your permission to travel or must tell you what the children are doing, then they have to abide by that order. Similarly, if the trip means that you are not going to have custody of the children when you’re supposed to, your ex either needs to clear that with you or adjust the trip so that it doesn’t violate your rights. 

Overall, though, most parents are free to travel with their children, during times that they have custody. If your ex does all of this properly, they’re likely not obligated to tell you anything more about the trip than they want to. 

Are you having trouble with a custody issue?

As you can see, situations like this make it very clear that you need to know where you stand in terms of parental rights and responsibilities. These can get complicated in a post-divorce world, and you may need legal assistance if you believe your rights are being violated.