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How is split custody different from shared or joint custody?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2021 | Child Custody

Couples going through divorce and judges presiding over divorces often have to make difficult custody decisions. Many couples share custody of their children. Shared and sole custody are the most common outcomes of contested custody proceedings in Texas, but they are not the only arrangements possible.

Some couples who have multiple children decide that the best solution involves split custody rather than shared or joint custody. They may set this arrangement for themselves or request it from the judge overseeing their divorce.  How does split custody differ from shared custody?

Split custody involves different children living with each parent

Split custody is an arrangement where each parent assumes sole or primary custody over one or more children from the family. This arrangement helps families with multiple children and possibly two working but actively involved parents.  For example, a father may assume custody over the sons in a large family, while the mother takes custody of the daughters.

Sometimes, it is the age of the children that determines who lives with which parent. In families that have children with special needs, one parent may take the child with special needs, while the other provides care for the remaining children in the family. They may sometimes exchange children occasionally for weekend parenting time or visitation or get all the children together for family time.

Split custody can be the right solution for some families. The better you understand the different options for custody arrangements, the better you can look for the ideal solutions during your upcoming divorce.