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Divorce month is here. Are you ready?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | Divorce

At the beginning of the new year, people are often thinking about changes they can make. Many of them want to lose weight, pursue hobbies or get a new job. They have goals and resolutions, and they want to turn their lives into what they’ve always envisioned.

For a lot of these people, one key component is getting a divorce. In fact, January is known as divorce month by many professionals in this industry. The reason is that there is a clear rise in the total amount of divorce cases every year. This is a month when these filings tend to spike. If you’re thinking about filing for divorce this year, you need to be ready.

Why does this happen in January?

As noted above, one reason for this spike in January could be that people are trying to get a fresh start. They may have been thinking about divorce during the year, but the New Year feels like a good time to move forward with the idea.

Another reason is that the Christmas holidays are over, and parents with children will often wait until they go back to school. This makes it easier to talk about divorce without the kids being around, and it preserves the sort of magic that comes along with the holidays. The children still get to have a fun Christmas, and then the parents get divorced afterward.

Regardless of the specific reason that you waited until January, you need to be ready for your divorce. Have you considered all of the steps that you’ll need to take? Do you know what your goals are as far as child custody or asset division? It’s time to begin carefully considering all of your options.