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Is your spouse hiding assets in cryptocurrency?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | High-Asset Divorce

Divorcing spouses are not always honest with each other about their assets. One of the latest places people have found to hide money from each other is cryptocurrency. 

Secrecy and restricted access are two of cryptocurrency’s biggest selling points. That makes it the perfect vehicle for hiding money for all sorts of reasons. One of them is to keep it from a spouse in a divorce.

“My spouse is too behind the times to do such as thing”

Are you sure? One report found that the number of people owning cryptocurrency had doubled in the past year.

It pays to do some research if you notice the assets your spouse declares are much less than what you thought they had or low for someone of their income. Your spouse might be slow on the technological uptake, but divorce can make people take extreme measures. Besides, the reason you are divorcing them might be because you realized they are not the person you thought you married. So one more surprise is not out of the question.

How can I discover it, and how can I access it?

Accessing cryptocurrency requires keys and passwords. Unless your spouse has put them on a bit of paper somewhere, the chances are slim you could ever work it out. If, however, you can prove their existence, then a court can order your spouse to give you a share. 

Discovering it is the most challenging part, especially if your spouse has moved funds between various cryptocurrencies. Seek legal help to find out more about tracking down hidden assets and getting your fair share in a divorce.