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Can you voluntarily terminate your own parental rights in Texas?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Child Custody

Many people become legal parents at the birth of their child. Mothers automatically have their names included on birth certificates, as do married fathers. Unmarried fathers can fill out special paperwork with the mother or go through special court proceedings to have their name added to the birth certificate.

Once the state recognizes you as one of the child’s parents, you have all of the parental rights and responsibilities that come with that role. If you and the other parents split up, you will have to share parenting time and may have financial obligations in the form of child support.

Do you have the option of voluntarily giving up your parental rights?

Yes, Texas parents can voluntarily end their parental responsibilities

When a Texas parent wants to give up their rights, the state refers to this process as a revocation or relinquishment of parental rights. In a revocation, one parent fills out state paperwork to terminate their parental rights.

They will need to prove that their circumstances meet certain requirements in order to do so. They will need to have someone else willing to serve as conservator for the child, possibly including the Department of Family and Protective Services, though they must agree beforehand.

If your circumstances don’t meet state requirements, then the judge who hears your case may not allow you to end your parental responsibilities. It is important for parents to consider revocation carefully, they can have significant social and mental health implications for the children involved as well as parents. Learning more about Texas family law rules could help you find a solution that actually works for your family issues.