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Why check your spouse’s social media during a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2022 | Divorce

You might never want to see or hear from the person you are divorcing again. Yet, while the divorce is still ongoing, it could pay to take an interest in what they post on their social media accounts.

Even if your spouse blocks you, one of your friends may still be able to check for any posts that could benefit you.

What sort of things could be useful?

Evidence of spending or undisclosed assets

Your spouse claims they do not have enough to give you the spousal support you need to help you retrain. Yet, photos show them at a costly hotel with a group of friends. When you check the website, it shows that what they paid for the weekend would easily cover the cost of the course you need.

Or perhaps you spot them driving a new car in a post, which they did not include in the asset list they submitted to the court.

Evidence of poor parenting behavior

You need to be particularly careful here. Complaining to a judge about minor things could leave them with a poor impression of your ability to co-parent reasonably. Yet, if you spot a photo of your spouse out dancing at three in the morning when they were meant to be caring for your child, you might use it to show that they are not the responsible parent they say.

Evidence of abuse toward you

Let’s say your spouse came home drunk from the bar and posted a vicious online rant about you. Screenshot it, and it could help you show the judge that the accusations you made about your spouse abusing you have substance.

If you find information on your spouse’s social media that you believe could benefit your divorce case, seek legal help to understand if and how you should present it.