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What are some signs that you may get divorced?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Divorce

Planning in advance for any major change in your life can help it go more smoothly. Divorce is no exception. If you can plan in advance, you may have a better chance of getting custody of your children and getting a fair share of your assets.

But if you’re not planning to file for divorce yourself, how do you know if it’s coming? Here are a few things you may want to look for, as these signs can indicate that the relationship is growing closer to this point.

You don’t spend time together

One big thing to look for is when you don’t spend your leisure time together. You don’t have to spend every second with your spouse, but major changes are worthy of note. If they seem to prefer spending time at the office or with their friends, or if you’re both avoiding that time together, that could mean there are bigger problems at home.

There’s no more intimacy

Even if you do technically spend time together, it just may not be as romantic and intimate as it once was. You can tell that the relationship has changed. Some people will compare this to feeling like they now live with a roommate.

You stop arguing

It’s easy to imagine that if you were arguing frequently, the end of this pattern is a positive thing. And it is good not to have that stress in your life, but the reason that the arguments stopped may simply be that your spouse has now decided that they are going to end the marriage.

If you or your spouse does decide to file for divorce, be sure you know about all of the steps you can take.