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What is a high-asset divorce and what assets might it include?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2022 | High-Asset Divorce

To put it simply, “high-asset” or “high net worth” are terms used to describe a situation where a divorcing couple has a number of assets between them that are of significant value. 

There’s no actual definition as to what might constitute a high-asset divorce but it usually means that the process is likely to be more complex. This is due to the value of the property owned, and investments held, by the parties. 

Dividing up assets in any divorce is a difficult process but in a high-asset divorce, there are often additional considerations that can cause complications. 

When evaluating assets held for the purposes of divorce, it will include the below. 


This will involve valuing all property held by the divorcing couple, both separately and together. It will almost certainly include the marital home and any investment properties owned, and may include property bought before the marriage as well as during. 


Businesses held by either party separately and those jointly owned will need valuing for the purposes of a high-asset divorce. 


As well as assets, debt needs to be considered and included in divorce proceedings. Debts to be considered include loans and credit card balances. 

Other valuables 

This can include anything of value such as artwork, jewelry, gun collections and antiques. 

Retirement portfolios 

Pensions such as 401(k) and private pensions all form part of the divorce process, with ex-spouses being entitled to as much as half of the total pension value. 

Cash and stocks 

This includes cash in the bank as well as other forms of investment such as stocks and shares. If your employer pays performance-related bonuses, these will also be considered for the purposes of the divorce proceedings. 

Navigating a high-asset divorce can be difficult. Having the help of someone who knows how to help you protect your property can make the process easier.