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3 tips for working through divorce negotiations

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2022 | Divorce

Working out the terms of a divorce is challenging, partly because of the emotions involved in this situation. Even if you’re the one who wanted the divorce, you’re going to have many emotions to work through. 

Being able to think logically during negotiations is important because you have to think about your future. Consider these three tips as you work out the settlement terms with your ex.

1. Set your priorities 

You shouldn’t ever go into a mediation session without knowing what your priorities are. Realistically, you won’t be able to keep all the assets from the marriage, so you should know which ones you want to focus on keeping. Decide what you’re willing to give up to be able to keep those. Leave yourself room to negotiate but keep your focus on those priorities.

2. Keep an open mind

If you’re trying to negotiate with your ex about the terms of the divorce, be willing to think about the options they present. Who comes up with an idea that works doesn’t matter as long as it’s something you can use. 

3. Consider the children

While you shouldn’t use children as a bargaining tool, there are some aspects of the divorce terms that may affect them. For example, they should be considered when you’re trying to determine what to do with the marital home. 

Anyone going through a divorce should ensure they’re taking appropriate steps to protect themselves. Working with someone who can help them to do this is important. Ideally, they’ll have someone on their side who understands their situation and who can help them to find creative solutions to the issues that are causing problems with the divorce settlement.