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What to know about using social media during your divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Divorce

Social media offers many benefits. It helps you connect with family and friends, even if they are far away. Unfortunately, during a divorce, social media can be quite damaging and increase the stress of this situation.

If you plan to use social media during your divorce, you should understand its challenges. Some things to keep in mind are found here.

Is it best to stay off social media during a divorce?

For some, deleting your social media profile and staying off all social media platforms during a divorce is the best option. When you do this, it means your ex cannot see what you are posting or doing. They also won’t have a stream of information to use against you.

There is another benefit offered by deleting your social media profile, too. It is going to reduce your stress. For example, you won’t be tempted to see what your ex is posting, which could be hurtful. Rather than focusing on social media during this time, refocus on your children and self-care.

What if you prefer to stay connected?

You don’t have to delete your social media profiles – it is just a suggestion. If you plan to remain active on social media, it is smart to adjust your settings. Be sure your feed is private, which can help ensure other people cannot access it. If you have mutual friends with your ex, consider removing these people, too.

For some, getting off social media during a divorce is best. However, if you stay on, be sure that you think about what you are posting carefully. Otherwise, it could affect your chances of the resolution you seek. Knowing your legal rights in these situations will pay off and help you protect yourself.