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3 myths surrounding divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce has different myths that people debunk when they go through the process. Not everything you’ve heard about divorce is true. Besides, divorce cases are unique – one couple’s experience may be different from another’s. Thus, if you and your spouse have agreed to file for divorce, you should be well-informed to make the right moves. 

Here are three myths you may have come across.

Divorce should be contested 

Not all divorces are contested. Some people can agree on crucial matters without conflicts. Thus, divorce is not necessarily a battle like some people believe. And not all divorces go to trial.

However, in some cases, going to court may be the best option, for example, when spouses have unfair requests or when one is hiding assets. It may also not be beneficial to agree on matters outside court if the marriage involved domestic violence or substance abuse.

Property division rules are standard

Several myths surround property division, and one of them is property division is the same in all cases. Texas is a community property state, which generally means that property acquired during the marriage is split 50-50. However, the family court does have some discretion and will come to rulings it deems just and right, respecting the rights of each party and children. Property division can be unique with each case.

Kids make the process difficult

Of course, children being involved can make the divorce process more complicated, as parents have to consider them. However, the court will give orders in the child’s best interests. Further, divorcing parents are required to have a parenting plan to ensure the kids are well taken care of during and after the divorce.

You may have heard of the above-discussed myths and more during your research. However, they can be misleading. It will be best to get accurate information to avoid costly mistakes.