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3 signs your spouse may be about to file for divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Divorce

If you suspect that your spouse is considering divorce, it’s time to discreetly start exploring your legal options. People act differently when they feel their marriage is beyond repair and your instincts may ultimately be correct, so it’s best to be prepared.

Men, in particular, can be slow to spot the warning signs that could have told them things were reaching a critical point. Here are three signs to watch for if you’re starting to become concerned.

1. They avoid spending time with you

It’s healthy to have different interests and sets of friends. Yet, if your spouse always has a reason not to spend time together, there may be reason to worry.

2. They no longer argue with you

Surely that should be a good thing? It is if you have resolved your issues or learned to handle them more diplomatically. Yet often, the reason people stop arguing is they feel that there is no longer any point. If your spouse already has their eyes on the exit, they may decide to save their breath.

3. They become more secretive

If your spouse is reluctant to tell you what they’ve been up to or who they’ve been with, they may be trying to hide something. Was that unscheduled work meeting that made them late home really a meeting with a divorce attorney? Was that phone call they cut off when you came into the room really a wrong number, or were they actually mid-way through a heart-to-heart with their best friend about divorcing?

It takes time to prepare for a divorce, and being slow to spot the warning signs could leave you at a disadvantage. You may find that you need legal help to catch up fast.