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3 ways to psychologically prepare for your divorce 

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Divorce

You probably don’t need anyone telling you how hard divorce is on your mental health. Even those who want to divorce more than anything are often surprised by the magnitude of their emotional responses.

You could feel a range of unanticipated emotions like sorrow and fear in addition to the anger or pain you may expect. Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for divorce can lead to better decision-making and an improved overall outlook.

1. Expect to have bad days

Some people going through a divorce cling to the unrealistic idea that they will stay upbeat no matter what happens. Unfortunately, this makes them feel like a failure when the pain of divorce gets the better of them. Instead, give yourself permission to experience and process your emotions to get them out of your way.

2. Take winning out of the equation

If you want to be real about it, understand that winning is not a healthy goal when ending a marriage. Those who get hung up on competing with the other spouse over property and children may lose sight of the most critical goal—obtaining a settlement fair to all parties. Don’t let your desire to win interfere with your mindset or divorce decisions.

3. Strive to stay in the present

Your mind can take you to many places when it wants to escape negative feelings or situations. This can be great if you want to cheer yourself up with a daydream, but it might affect your decision-making. Expect to remind yourself often to stay focused on your divorce and your goals throughout the proceedings.

When prepared for the psychological effects of divorce, you have the best odds of walking away with a fair settlement under Texas law.