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Intersection of social media and child custody

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Child Custody

Understanding the potential impact of their social media activity is crucial for parents involved in custody disputes. Social media posts, comments and interactions can be scrutinized during custody battles. Courts increasingly consider online behavior to assess a parent’s character and suitability for custody.

It’s vital to remember that once something is shared online, it may be around – in some way – forever, largely due to the ability of others to take screenshots or save content, even if the original post is later deleted.

The permanence of social media posts

One of the critical considerations in child custody cases is the well-being and best interests of the child. Social media posts that show a parent engaging in risky or irresponsible behavior can negatively impact their custody case. Posts involving alcohol, drug use or other questionable activities, even if they’re meant as jokes, can be taken seriously in court.

Negative or disparaging remarks about the other parent, discussions about the custody case or comments that poorly reflect a parent’s judgment or character can all influence a court’s decision. Even if these comments are made on someone else’s post or in a seemingly private setting, they can be captured and brought to the court’s attention.

Impact of sharing pictures and information about children

Sharing photos or information about children is another area where caution is advised. Considering how sharing specific images or details might be perceived during custody disputes is essential. For example, the court may frown upon posting pictures that might compromise a child’s privacy or safety or that depict the child in uncomfortable or inappropriate situations. These actions can be interpreted as a lack of discretion or understanding of parental responsibilities.

There are also instances in which the court or a parenting plan stipulates what information, including pictures, of the children can be posted online. A failure to honor these terms can lead to consequences as well.

Any parent going through a custody case must understand how their everyday actions – like engaging on social media – can affect their custody arrangement. Seeking legal guidance in these areas is a good idea for all parents, as a result.