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Enforcing Divorce And Separation Agreements

Once the court signs off on a custody and visitation or support agreement, that agreement is binding. Those who break it may be held in contempt. If your ex-partner has continually failed to honor a visitation plan or is behind on child support payments, talk to a lawyer about pursuing enforcement actions. Similarly, if you are being threatened with an enforcement action, a lawyer can help protect you from harsh legal consequences.

No matter what side of the dispute you are on, you can be confident that the law office of Mysti Murphy can effectively represent your interests. We put more than two decades of family law experience to work, seeing that divorce orders are followed or modified to meet your needs.

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Enforcing Child Support, Spousal Support And Custody

Failing to pay support or refusing to adhere to a custody and visitation plan are serious concerns. The attorney general can become involved. Wages can be garnished. Individuals can be held in contempt of court and put in jail. Our goal is to avoid these consequences; we prefer to find an alternative that will better fit the circumstances. However, we will aggressively represent our clients’ rights in court if necessary.

At the law office of Mysti Murphy, we offer legal counsel to those involved in enforcement of:

Enforcing Restraining Orders

Attorney Mysti Murphy is a former criminal prosecutor who spent eight years taking action against those who committed domestic violence. If your spouse or partner violated a restraining order, she will do all she can to provide further protection to see that the violator is duly punished in civil court.

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