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Representing Families When a Parent Wants to Move Away

A new job, move closer to family, personal choice, remarriage: whatever your reason to relocate or move away, you may need to modify your existing child custody and child support plan. An experienced family law attorney can help.

With more than two decades of experience as a San Antonio relocation attorney, Mysti Murphy has handled several modifications for move-away reasons. She understands the emotions involved when one parent wants to move with a child, but also knows that sometimes it is the best situation. She is a compassionate lawyer who will always consider the interests of the children when striving for a resolution.

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Representing Both Sides Of The Issue

Relocations can be difficult and may cause conflict, especially if the parents had difficulty getting along before. One side may argue legitimate reasons for moving, while the other one counters with a claim of trying to keep the child away.

At the Law Firm of Mysti Murphy, we represent parents who wish to move to another city or state, as well as those who wish to challenge the relocation because they believe the other party has ill intentions. We have extensive experience with these difficult matters and offer supportive and aggressive representation to protect our clients’ interests.

Our goal is not to tear families apart even further, but rather find a solution that lets them to work together. This may involve arranging a new parenting plan where the child visits one parent over the holidays, or a reduced child support amount to account for travel expenses. We offer creative solutions that help the family adjust to the new arrangement.

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