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Five star review for attorney

“Ms. did a great job at getting everything done in my child custody case.  I felt completely at ease knowing everything was being taken care of.  She and her staff were very efficient at answering any questions I had, and her attention to my case ultimately led to the best possible outcome.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a family lawyer.”


Five star review for attorney Mysti Murphy

“Dear Mysti & Kate, I can not thank you enough! Your compassionate wisdom, patience, and more was desperately needed. The time you spent with us will never be forgotten. Your genuine concern was heart felt or to be clear, touched our hearts. Your honesty was beyond refreshing.Tonight for the first time in 2 weeks I don’t feel like I’m going to throw up. I hope you both (+Romero) have a great Labor Day weekend.”


Five star review for attorney Mysti Murphy

“Mysti is by far the best lawyer I have come across.  She really made me feel like she was working for me, which is very rare among lawyers. She was fast and didn’t try to drag my case more than what was needed, always answered my questions and concerns quickly. She is absolutely the best lawyer!  I will definitely use her services again if i need to and I will recommend her to my friends.”


Five star review for attorney Mysti Murphy

“Mysti is a very honest attorney, which is hard to find. She will not lead you astray and will be completely honest, even if it’s not what you want to hear. She is an extremely professional, dedicated, organized, and prepared attorney, which is important through the whole process and especially in court. Mysti and her paralegal always responded in a timely manner and also kept me in the loop regarding all communication with the opposing party and his attorney. In a very long, drawn out, stressful situation, Mysti and her paralegal were there to provide guidance and support in the best way possible. For any family law issues, I would recommend Mysti.”


Five star review for attorney Mysti Murphy

“From the initial consultation about filing for divorce, Mrs. Murphy was very helpful in providing me the information and advice I needed to make the decision to file or not.

I had been married for over 20 years and had 2 children, one in middle school and one in elementary school. I never thought I would be in this position and was not pressured on what to do. Mrs. Murphy made it very clear that it was my decision to make. I decided to give it another try with my wife. This lasted a little over a year and Mrs. Murphy was there ready to pick up where we had originally started. She explained the information she needed to begin the process, it was provided, and she immediately filed the necessary paperwork to begin the divorce.

I was kept up to date with the timelines for the case. I was provided monthly statements detailing what had been accomplished so far. As the court date came closer, she provided me the questions she was going to ask at the proceedings so I wouldn’t be surprised by anything she would ask. Mrs. Murphy and her paralegal, where always at the courthouse prior to me getting there. When we would have a hearing, she would explain to me ahead of time what was going to happen so I wouldn’t feel as nervous.

There was no manipulation of information. Mrs Murphy was truthful in everything she did with my case. Mrs. Murphy and her paralegal even made my middle schooler feel relaxed when the judge and to speak with my daughter in chambers.

As a father, I was able to get full conservatorship of my children with supervised visitation for the children’s mother. My children had been through more than children their age should ever have to go through. Being questioned by police and Child Protective Services on multiple occasions was very scary for them. This was the hardest decision I ever had to make but I know it was the right one.

For the first time in my daughter’s life (now in high school), she came up to me and said she was confident in who she was and how she looked. If Mrs. Murphy had not been there for me and my children, I don’t think my daughter would have ever been able to make a statement like she did. And I think my son is slowly working his way to that point also.

In short, Mrs. Murphy was there for me and my children. My children smile, laugh and play all the time now. She was informative, honest, and moved the proceedings as fast as the legal system would allow. I also feel that Mrs. Murphy and her paralegal truly cared about us. We were not an item on an assembly line.

We were a family in need and she was there to help us. My children and I owe our current lives and happiness to Mrs. Murphy and her paralegal. Thank you so very much.”


Five star review for attorney Mysti Murphy

“I was involved in a bitter divorce where I knew I didn’t have a qualified attorney that was representing my best interests. I located Mysti and she IMMEDIATELY convinced me she was the attorney I needed. My divorce has now been completed and without reservation I now refer to Mysti as my angel! Mysti secured a rightful settlement but more importantly she gave me peace of mind because after this nightmare experience, Mysti has made me see the positive light beyond the divorce. In short, I view this as my re-birth to a happy content life which Mysti was able to give me. Without question, I’m making Mysti my lifelong attorney of record for anything involving civil law. Anyone ever in need to be represented my a civil law attorney, I will be happy to drive you to Mysti’s office!”


Five star review for attorney Mysti Murphy

Mysti was always upfront and honest with us. She told us our options, made her recommendations, and worked with us to get the petition as close to what we wanted as possible. She were always courteous, helpful, and prompt. They were supportive and understanding. We could not have asked for a more positive experience. – Beverly

Other attorneys we have dealt with in different matters were less understanding regarding our wishes and tried very hard to tell us what we had to do rather than work with us to figure out what was best to do. The lack of pressure with Mysti made a very difficult situation much easier to handle. We would highly recommend her to anyone.


Five star review for attorney Mysti Murphy

“Mysti Murphy helped me the most by being there for emotional support as well as advising me on how to make the divorce process as smooth as possible, also helping me understand my rights as a mother.   She is there as a friend as well as an attorney always looking out for my best interest. Compared to other attorneys, Mysti Murphy is very detailed, fair, remains level headed in all circumstances. I wouldn’t have any other lawyer.


Five star review for attorney Mysti Murphy

“I chose Mysti Murphy as my attorney for divorce because I had met her before and could tell that she was compassionate and well qualified. After 31 years of marriage I needed someone who I could trust completely.

I never doubted that things would be taken care of in an orderly and accurate way. If I ever needed advice she was right there to give me all the pros and cons so that I could make a well informed decision. Mysti knows her way around the courtroom and knows all of the details of the law and how that pertains to her client.

I have had instances in the past where I wondered if the attorney cared about my issues or if he/ she was just in it for the paycheck. I never once felt like that with Mysti. She even came to her office one Saturday morning and spoke to my sons about the difficulty of divorce. She told them that they needed to know what was going on and have a say in the matter where it concerned them. I was especially happy and relieved that she took the time to do that.”


Five star review for attorney Mysti Murphy

“I am pleased with Mysti Murphy’s representation in my child custody case because she has been straight-forward, honest and (most importantly) has the best interest of my children at heart! Her goal is suitable long term solutions and not quick fixes! I considered myself very fortunate and blessed to have found a lawyer that I can totally confide in and that will not just tell me what I would like to hear.”