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Standing Strong for Your Rights

San Antonio Divorce Lawyer

“…She even came to her office one Saturday morning and spoke to my sons about the difficulty of divorce. She told them that they needed to know what was going on and have a say in the matter where it concerned them. I was especially happy and relieved that she took the time to do that.” – Natalie.

Helping You To Determine The Path Of Your Divorce

Divorce means a big change for any family, but it doesn’t have to be a change for the worse. Mysti Murphy, attorney at law, can help you make a change for the better.

We make it easier for you to take advantage of an opportunity to improve life by listening carefully as you talk about the circumstances of your divorce. We help you identify goals as you make this important transition. Once your goals in divorce are identified, we begin the process of achieving them, through negotiations or in a courtroom.

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You Are Not Doomed In Divorce With A Flawed Personal History

It’s understandable that a client with negative incidents or poor behavior in the past may fear that he or she will lose everything in a divorce, such as custody of their children. But a criminal record or history of alcohol or drug abuse need not condemn you in divorce litigation. Speak with an experienced lawyer who understands not only the law, but also the art of keeping past mistakes in context in the courtroom.

Experience In A Wide Variety Of Divorce Matters

At the Law Firm of Mysti Murphy, we offer supportive legal counsel and advice to help bring you through the emotions of a divorce and the related legal issues, such as:

Our firm is also highly experienced in handling complex and high-asset divorce cases. Mysti Murphy is skilled in discovering assets and separating them into community or separate property, as appropriate. She works to produce a fair and equitable property division plan that protects our clients’ rights and interests.

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