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Collaborative Family Law: A Commitment To Working Out Solutions

It’s a little ironic, the idea of working together to figure out your new life apart. But when divorcing spouses can engage in the right frame of mind, the resulting agreements will be better for everyone, including the children.

Collaborative law provides the environment for fruitful negotiation of divorce and custody issues, by sharing experts and taking litigation off the table. At the Law Firm of Mysti Murphy, you have trusted legal counsel at your side throughout the process to provide advice and solutions for moving forward. Call our San Antonio law office to learn more.

An Alternative To The Divorce Wars

Collaborative divorce is a unique approach that downplays conflicts and focuses on solutions. Similar to mediation, the process occurs out of court and gives you more control over the outcome.

  • Each party is counseled by their own attorney who is trained in collaborative law.
  • The spouses and attorneys agree — in writing — not to litigate. If either spouse withdraws, you will have to hire different lawyers to go to court.
  • Rather than hiring competing experts, you agree to use the same professionals, such as an accountant, appraiser, custody evaluator or mental health counselor, for guidance.

Without the threat of litigation, there is less acrimony and manipulation. You can only go forward, which requires creativity, cooperative thinking and compromise from both sides.

Our Role In The Collaborative Process

Mysti Murphy is a problem solver with more than 20 years of experience in Texas family law. Her insights and strong personality help to keep negotiations productive by offering solutions for property division, parenting arrangements, alimony and other disputed issues that present barriers to agreement. Mysti helps you think long-term, setting aside emotions to reach a healthy co-parenting plan and sound financial decisions. Bottom line, she is still your lawyer, and will look out for your best interests while helping you find that elusive middle ground.

Is Collaborative Law Right For You?

We have seen superior results, but collaborative divorce is truly a “takes two to tango” method. It will only work if both sides are willing and able to commit to the process. We handle many high-asset divorces and high-conflict custody cases. Just because your divorce is complicated doesn’t mean it has to end up in court.

Call us today at 210-807-8227 or contact us online to discuss collaborative family law in more detail. We serve San Antonio and surrounding communities, with weekend and evening hours available by appointment. We also accept credit cards.