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Is Your Divorce Contested Or Uncontested?

An uncontested divorce is an ideal many couples hope for as they approach the process of dissolving a marriage. Deciding to divorce is one thing; carrying it out is another. A husband and wife may wish for a smooth, quick divorce for financial, practical and emotional reasons. If a couple agrees on all the terms of a divorce, the divorce may be considered uncontested and the legal steps needed to complete it may be streamlined.

Talk To A Lawyer To Determine If Your Divorce Is Truly Uncontested

Take careful note: Family law representation is important even when you believe you may have an uncontested divorce. You should consult with a family law attorney before making definite agreements or taking actions (such as moving out of the house, agreeing to visitation schedules or selling assets).

San Antonio family law attorney Mysti Murphy is well-prepared to advise and guide you in the most appropriate, uncomplicated pathway to a Texas divorce that your circumstances allow.

Offering Flat-Rate Fees For Uncontested Divorces

If your divorce is truly uncontested, our law firm offers flat-rate fees. A truly uncontested divorce means that both parties will need to agree on all issues surrounding the divorce, including property division, spousal support, possession and conservatorship of the children, child support and more.

With our flat-rate fee, the spouse we do not represent must sign a waiver of service. From there, the process can move efficiently. According to Texas law, the divorce could be finalized 60 days after the Petition for Divorce is filed. This can be an ideal option for couples who are in agreement on all major issues and wish to move the process along as quickly and painlessly as possible. Contact our San Antonio office to inquire about our flat-rate fees and whether this could be an option for you given your unique situation.

When An Uncontested Divorce Becomes Contested

You may, in fact, discover that you and your spouse have disagreements on essential issues having to do with property division, spousal support, debts, and care and support of your children. Common points of disagreement between spouses who believed they would have an uncontested divorce include:

  • Division of retirement assets
  • Visitation of the children or child support
  • Health insurance issues
  • Control of family property or any asset with strong sentimental or practical value to either spouse or both
  • Possession of family pets or livestock
  • Division of business and investment interests
  • Responsibility for debts
  • A workable solution for the marital home and the equity

How To Resolve Contested Issues

If you and your spouse do not agree on one or more points necessary to complete a divorce, a skilled and caring family law attorney can assist you through a path to resolution:

  • Negotiations by which you arrive at an agreement
  • Mediation
  • Trial
  • Court-ordered counseling

For many couples, mediation is a preferred path. The choice to mediate does not mean a divorce is uncontested. Instead, it refers to the method of arriving at a settlement.

In a mediation:

  • Each spouse will have an attorney. Most of the time, the mediator will shuffle between the rooms of each party with the attorney being in the room of their client to guide their client in the negotiations.
  • The mediator is committed to being neutral and conversations with him are confidential.
  • Mediation has benefits that are not available in court. With mediation, you have control over the outcome. In court, it is a gamble. You do not have control over any part of the outcome; it is up to the judge or jury. Plus, not going to court saves money.
  • The Mediated Settlement Agreement, once signed by the parties, is binding and not revokable.

Get The Answers And Advice You Need To Move Your Divorce Forward

No one enjoys the process of divorce. When a marriage dissolves, however, the legal aspects of divorce become part of what is necessary to get to the other side: a new beginning. Call the Law Firm of Mysti Murphy at 210-807-8227 or email us to schedule a consultation and discuss the best way forward toward completion of an uncontested or contested divorce.