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Alternative Options For Resolving Your Divorce

Not all divorces have to be taken into the courtroom. Not all divorces need to involve the emotional stress that comes along with a trial, let alone the cost and the time that a trial adds to the process. There are other options available.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the term used for the other options that are available to resolve a divorce, options such as mediation and collaborative law. At the law office of attorney Mysti Murphy, we are committed to exploring these options first.

We explore these options first because they are often the best options for our clients. They often result in better outcomes, while taking less time and costing less money. Of course, we are a law firm that can take an aggressive approach when necessary. We have two decades of experience and a strong record at trial. Even so, we believe that alternative dispute resolution is a powerful enough option that it should be considered first.

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The Forms Of ADR Available To You

The law offers a variety of forms of alternative dispute resolution, with the most common being divorce mediation and collaborative law:

  • Divorce mediation: This process involves a mediator helping the two parties come to an agreement about the outcome. It gives both parties more control over the outcome, unlike a trial, in which the outcome is in the hands of a judge and a jury.
  • Collaborative law: This process is similar to mediation in that the two parties have more control over the outcome. Instead of a mediator, though, the two parties with their attorney work with a shared mental health or financial professional throughout the process to reach an agreement that focuses on the interests of the entire family. This process has the ability to bring about a lasting and beneficial outcome for the family. For more information on the collaborative process contact attorney Mysti Murphy.

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