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San Antonio Property Division Attorney

Whether you have modest assets or sizable wealth, it’s important to protect your rights and your future when dividing property and debt at the end of a marriage. Though Texas is a community property state, that does not mean that all marital property will be divided evenly.

In Texas, spouses share all assets acquired in a marriage, including property, pensions, 401 (k) plans and IRAs. Assets owned prior to marriage, and assets received as a gift or via inheritance during the marriage, can be exempt from division in a divorce. While some couples decide upon fair and equitable terms themselves, others require a judge to hand down a decision.

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Community Property vs. Separate Property

An area of contention in property division is often in differentiating between community property and separate property (assets acquired before marriage or via inheritance or gifts). In some cases, the division of community property is altered by misconduct in the marriage, including adultery. Regardless of the community property and separate property at stake, you want to make sure the division is fair and equitable. A skilled, experienced attorney can help you accomplish that in negotiations or in a courtroom.

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