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The dissolution of marriage is more than signing some papers and moving along your way. It can be a complex process, involving many steps and stages of discovery, negotiation and litigation. A skilled family law lawyer can help guide you and protect your interests through each stage of divorce.

At the law firm of Mysti Murphy, we put more than two decades of experience to work in navigating the marital dissolution process. We inform clients on what to expect as they move through the stages to avoid any unwelcome surprises. We also help them understand their role and responsibilities as they move closer to a final divorce agreement.

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What Is The Divorce Process?

Every case is different, so there is no universal guide to the divorce process. In general, the steps in a divorce are as follows:

  • Petition for divorce: The petition should give an overview of the situation that identifies divorcing parties, if there are children involved, and the reason for getting a divorce.
  • Discovery and disclosure: Each party gathers information about the situation. This includes discovery of assets, interrogations, disclosure of infidelity and other matters, gathering of bank accounts and other documents, uncovering facts, and more.
  • Mediation: The parties have a chance to negotiate divorce matters such as child custody and visitation, and property division.
  • Divorce litigation: If mediation is unfruitful, or if all matters were not resolved through negotiations, litigation may be necessary.
  • Final agreement: The judge signs off on the court orders and the divorce agreements regarding spousal support, parenting time, child support, property division, and other matters take effect.

Emotional Stages Of Divorce

Aside from the legal stages of divorce, couples will go through emotional stages of shock and disbelief to final acceptance and vitality. The conflicting and roller-coaster emotions are a normal part of ending a marriage. The law office of Mysti Murphy understands your situation and is empathetic to your feelings. Attorney Murphy will not push you to do something you are not ready for, and will offer supportive advice and counsel while you deal with this difficult time.

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