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Adoption is often a joyous time, free of disputes and full of positive futures for the adoptive parents and their children. However, the process can be complex. If not done correctly, the adoption may be overturned.

At the law firm of attorney Mysti Murphy, we put more than two decades of experience to work in making sure your adoption runs as smoothly as possible. In the rare instance that a dispute does occur, trust our experience and supportive approach to get you through it and help obtain a favorable resolution.

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Grandparent And Stepparent Adoptions

Grandparent adoption and stepparent adoption are the most common requests we handle. In most cases, these types of adoptions are fairly simple. The most complicated aspect of these cases is the termination of parental rights. In some instances parents are forced to terminate their rights, or simply agree to it. However, if the parent is reluctant to give up these rights, we are able to handle the dispute.

We mainly represent grandparents and stepparents who wish to adopt a child. We may also represent the biological parents who wish to retain their parental rights, in some cases. Whomever we represent, our highest priority is to obtain an outcome that most benefits the child or children involved.

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