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Protecting Your Family Against All Forms Of Domestic Violence

There is simply no excuse for family violence. At the law firm of Mysti Murphy, we aggressively seek action against those who physically, emotionally or financially abuse their family members. If you are a victim of child abuse, spousal abuse or another form of domestic violence, contact us now at 210-807-8227 or by e-mail to learn how we can help protect you.

A Former Domestic Violence Prosecutor Working For You

Attorney Mysti Murphy is a former criminal prosecutor who spent eight years taking action against those who committed family violence. Her successful efforts and dedication earned her the title of Prosecutor of the Year for Dallas County in 2005. Now, she uses this experience to serve and protect victims in the family law arena. She will aide in obtaining the temporary orders and restraining orders you need to help secure protection.

Domestic Violence And Divorce Agreements

A domestic violence accusation significantly affects the outcome of a divorce. It can limit, or even eliminate, visitation rights in favor of protecting the children. If you are a victim of violence, we will work hard to ensure complete protection before, during and after your divorce.

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Don’t wait to get the protection you need. Contact a San Antonio domestic violence attorney today at 210-807-8227 if you or your children are a victims of domestic violence. We serve clients in San Antonio and the surrounding parts of Texas.

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