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Parental Rights Of Fathers And Mothers

In today’s society, both men and women can:

  • Pursue careers of their choosing.
  • Be breadwinners of the family or contribute to the family as homemakers.
  • Take active roles in the upbringing of children.
  • Initiate a divorce with no need to prove that the other is at fault.
  • Have access and possession (custody) of a child when parents are separated or divorced.

Yet, fathers may find themselves at a disadvantage with parenting issues.

These challenges can be complicated by a need to overcome a bias in favor of the mother in child custody cases. A mother may face similar challenges, too, of course, but almost never has to prove she is the mother. She may benefit from a family law court’s bias toward mothers, even though the Family Code stipulates that parents are to be treated equally regardless of gender or marital status.

Fathers (and mothers!) in child cases: You need the help of a family law attorney who will stand up for your rights. At the Law Firm of Mysti Murphy, you have access to a female attorney with a strong track record of achieving positive outcomes for fathers as well as mothers.

From The Point Of View Of The Child’s Best Interests

Many unmarried or soon-to-be divorced fathers are naturally worried about the prospect of going through life as a visitor or outsider in their child’s life. Others worry about financial ruin resulting from child support demands. Beyond these genuine, realistic concerns, fathers are often aware of research that shows statistical disadvantages affecting many children whose fathers are not actively involved in their lives, namely:

  • Greater likelihood of living in poverty
  • Greater likelihood of emotional and behavioral problems
  • Higher infant mortality
  • Higher likelihood of incarceration
  • Higher instances of delinquency
  • Higher rates of teenage pregnancy and sexual activity
  • Greater risk of child abuse
  • More drug and alcohol abuse
  • Higher rates of obesity
  • Lesser academic achievement

What Can A Father In Or Near San Antonio Do To Protect His Rights And His Child’s Welfare?

If your girlfriend is pregnant or has given birth or if you are a father approaching divorce or are already divorced, contact Texas lawyer Mysti Murphy. Discuss your situation, your concerns and legal options for improving your odds in the equation of parenthood although you and the mother are separated, soon planning to separate, or divorced. Call 210-807-8227 or email us to request a consultation.