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Representing Both Mothers And Fathers In Paternity

Legally recognizing paternity can have benefits for both the mother, father and child. The mother can find closure and the child receive child support payments. The father can foster a loving relationship with the baby and establish parental rights. At the law firm of Mysti Murphy, we represent all parties in paternity actions.

We bring more than two decades of experience to paternity issues, offering our legal support and guidance in the matters leading up to the paternity test and those that follow it. Call us at 210-807-8227 to schedule a consultation with a San Antonio paternity lawyer. You can also contact us by e-mail.

The Paternity Suit Process

Paternity suits are quite common, and any mother or alleged father can bring one if they question the parentage of the child. The paternity suit begins with a petition. If the petition is granted, the court will require DNA samples from the mother, alleged father and child. If the male party is indeed the father of the child, actions can be taken to enforce child support or arrange a custody and visitation schedule.

We will explain this process more in detail when you come in for a consultation. We are committed to making sure you are informed before proceeding with a legal action.

Handling Matters After The Paternity Results

At the law office of Mysti Murphy, we do not stop representation when the paternity test results are in. We continue to offer our experienced guidance in important matters, such as:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Fathers’ rights issues
  • Adoption
  • And other matters that may arise out of a paternity dispute

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