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Protecting You And Your Children

Family violence and child abuse are simply not acceptable. At the law firm of Mysti Murphy, we do not tolerate domestic violence. We will not represent people who commit domestic violence. We use every option available under the law to protect the victims of domestic violence. With more than two decades of experience on our side, we do everything within our power to stop not only physical abuse, but emotional and financial abuse as well.

More often than not, our experience is put to use protecting parents and children who have suffered, or who have been threatened with these forms of abuse. However, we are available to provide this protection to anyone.

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A History Of Fighting Domestic Violence

Attorney Mysti Murphy’s legal background includes time spent prosecuting people who committed domestic violence. As a former criminal prosecutor, she spent eight years taking action against people who committed spousal abuse, child abuse and other family violence crimes. Her dedication in this role earned her the title of Prosecutor of the Year for Dallas County in 2005.

The Forms Of Protection Available To You

The law offers a variety of forms of protection from family violence, including temporary, restraining and protective orders:

  • Temporary orders: These orders can be obtained quickly after filing for divorce. They provide protection of self, children and property. They can even protect finances, stopping your spouse from creating debt for the community estate.
  • Restraining orders: These orders take the protection offered by temporary orders one step further. Restraining orders are enforceable in civil court, and we will see that they are enforced.
  • Protective orders: These offer the highest level of protection, but are only available when there has been recent violence or threats of violence. These orders are enforceable by the police, and we will see that they are enforced.

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