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Lawyer Who Handles The Termination Of Parental Rights In Texas

The termination of a parent’s rights can occur in a variety of situations. When a parent remarries, the new spouse may wish to adopt his or her stepchildren. Grandparents may wish to adopt for any number of reasons. Occasionally, a parent may want to terminate the other’s rights because he or she is unfit. At the Law Firm of Mysti Murphy, our attorney handles the termination of parental rights in Texas in all of the above situations.

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Stepparent Adoptions

The attorney at our law firm is experienced in Termination of parental rights and in helping stepparents adopt their spouse’s children. In order for this to be finalized, the rights of the non-custodial parent must be terminated. Sometimes, the parent will agree to the termination of rights. Oftentimes, these can turn into contentious disputes. In either case, our lawyer is dedicated to helping you through this complicated process while always keeping the best interests of your children in mind.

Grandparent Adoptions

Grandparents may wish to adopt their grandchildren for a variety of reasons. Perhaps one parent passed on and the surviving parent cannot care for the children, or both parents are incapable of caring for their children. In either case, we will work tirelessly to help you establish grandparents’ rights so your grandchildren are given the best possible upbringing.

Terminations Are Considered A Last Resort

When a parent voluntarily agrees to give up his or her rights, adoption is generally not a problem. However, if the other parent refuses to give up his or her rights, things can quickly become complicated. The termination of parental rights is taken seriously by the courts and is often considered to be a course of last resort. That is why it is important to have our experienced Texas child custody lawyer on your side. We will advocate for the child’s best interests in order to ensure that he or she has the most secure and responsible upbringing possible.

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