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Whether you are seeking a surrogate mother, or are planning to be one, there are several legal issues to consider. What rights do you have to the baby? Can you change your mind? Is going through the adoption process necessary? Do you get a written surrogate mother agreement?

Family law attorney Mysti Murphy can answer all of your questions regarding this area of law. With more than two decades of experience, she will help you understand how assisted reproduction works from the legal perspective, and can represent your rights and interests during the process.

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Surrogate Arrangements

Surrogate arrangements require a formal agreement between the parties. These agreements can cover everything from a parent’s right to attend prenatal doctor appointments to compensation to termination. They are essential if you want to ensure the protection of your rights and interests in the matter.

As with all family law agreements, the surrogate arrangement must be approved by the court. The court holds the right to modify the agreement to better serve the best interest of the child. So long as the agreement is reasonable, the court generally lets it stand.

At the law office of Mysti Murphy, we will take great care to see that the issue of assisted reproduction is addressed fairly and thoroughly. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the happiness and future of your family.

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